The Elite Finishing School was designed for aspiring models and actors who wish to break into the professional world. This industry is competitive. It is also intimidating. While there’s nothing that can be done about the first part, the second is very much within our power. We have designed a course of 16 individual workshops taught by industry leaders which will fully equip you to market yourself and your image, and to navigate the auditioning process. The biggest battle is knowing what you don’t know. Let us overcome it together.
Our professional facilities include hair and makeup salons, studios for casting, acting, dance, and photography, and commercial gymnasiums


02 Above The Rest


Our school is set apart from our competitors through ongoing professional relationships. We have created a network of casting directors, industry professionals, modeling agencies, creative media, and production companies who have a vested interest in the next generation of talent. We know our courses are the most competitive and the most relevant because we constantly have our ear to the ground. Unlike some of our counter parts, we run daily / 2 days workshops. Therefore there is no need to lock yourself into a course for any fixed period. We also understand that models and actors come with various needs and different levels of experiences, this way you can skip the content that has no relevance to you and only participate in the classes you need that particular skill set in

03 Course Content


Are you looking for a course to further develop your career? This course has been designed specifically as a pathway into the modelling and acting ‘TVC’ segment.
Our approach to learning is designed to give you a valuable practical experience, with all programs undertaken through both simulated and real workshop environments. You can expect approximately 6 to 8 hours each workshop, that are typically run on Saturdays or Sundays depending on the course or workshop.
Our comprehensive workshops, will provide you with the full range of ‘Developmental Skills” in the modelling and acting industry. Our approach to practical learning will give you the experience and job-ready skills you need for your future career within the modelling and acting segment.
01 | Industry Introduction
  1. Introduction to the industry
  2. Castings
  3. Catwalk
  4. Editorial
  5. Entrepreneurship & Marketing 
Course Content
02 | Acting Bootcamp
  1. Acting – in essence
  2. The anatomy of a scene
  3. Character, space & physicality
  4. Masterclass
  5. Trade craft
  6. Auditions
Course Content
03 | Voice Training
  1. Breathing and Warm-up Techniques
  2. Vocal Techniques
  3. Vocal Exercises
  4. Interpreting and Reading a Script
Course Content
04 | Mindset / Life Coaching
  1. Fight or Flight – understanding anxiety and nerves
  2. S.E.L.F – body, mind and relaxation
  3. Mindset resilience – dealing with rejection
  4. Rapport – communication excellence
  5. Stepping into natural confidence
Course Content
05 | Social Media
  1. Content marketing
  2. Content creation
  3. Cyber safety
Course Content
06 | Make-up
  1. Makeup for client meetings and photo shoots expectations
  2. Skin care and skin types
  3. Makeup tools
  4. Makeup hygiene
  5. Your makeup case – how to make the most of what you already have and key products
  6. Create a flawless base – colour matching, corrections and foundation application
  7. Natural highlighting and contouring
  8. Eyeshadow colours to suit you
  9. Eye makeup application
  10. Eyebrows
  11. Lips
  12. Tanning
07 | Hair Styling
  1. First impressions and client expectations.
  2. Hair care and maintenance.
  3. Products and tools.
  4. Discover what styles suit your face shape and hair type.
  5. Classic blow-wave and styling techniques.
  6. Discover what styles suit your face shape and hair type.
  7. Demonstrating the use of current styling tools.
  8. Create different looks.
  9. Tips and tricks.
Course Content
08 | Stylist
  1. What to wear to castings or auditions
  2. How to prepare for the photo shoot
  3. How to dress for you body shape/size
  4. How to dress for a work black tie event/gala
Course Content
09 | Photography
  1. Thought process
  2. Understanding your body
  3. Posing techniques
  4. Interaction
  5. Grooming and styling
  6. Preparation for commercial assignments
Course Content
10 | Runway
  1. Introduction
  2. Technique
  3. Posture
  4. Choreography
  5. Stress & Anxiety
  6. Castings / Go-Sees & Fittings
Course Content
11 | Nutrition
  1. Nutrition ABC’s
  2. Diet. body. beauty.
  3. Healthy eating.
  4. Mental wellbeing and body image
  5. Body awareness
Course Content
12 | Cooking Class
  1. Essential pantry ingredients
  2. Cooking equipment
  3. Storage & food safety
  4. Recipes & cooking
Course Content
13 | Fitness
  1. Myofascial release, muscle activation and warm up exercises
  2. Basic functional exercises
  3. Program design and periodising
  4. HIIT training session
  5. Cool down/stretching
Course Content
14 | Dance & Movement
  1. Body awareness
  2. Movement made easy
  3. When in doubt, stretch it out
  4. The art of the audition
  5. Remembering joy through dance
  6. What you need to know “Q&A Session”
Course Content
15 | Personal Branding
  1. Leverage your brand
  2. Build your brand online
  3. Understanding your brand
Course Content
16 | Business Basics
  1. Client, Agency and Contractor
  2. Legal Relationship
  3. Provision of services
  4. Legal Checklist
  5. Get an ABN
  6. Register your Business name
  7. Make sure your name doesn’t conflict with any trademarks
  8. Choose a legal structure
  9. Bookkeeping
  10. Small business basics
  11. Record keeping / bookkeeping
  12. Time recording & Invoicing
  13. Business expenses
  14. GST – cash and accruals basis
  15. Bank Accounts & Credit Cards
Course Content

04  The Presenters


Actress / Model


Social Media | Branding




Fitness Coach


Acting Teacher

Michelle O’Connell

Make-up Artist







Voice Coach


Hair Stylist




Personal Branding Specialist

Nina Shayan

Mindset | Life Coach




Business Guru


05 Our Philosophy

Elite Finishing School brings a fresh unique element to the world of “Finishing Schools” & “Deportment Schools”. We pride ourselves on working with young aspiring models that want to genuinely better their position in both Australia and the worlds “Modelling” stage. Ultimately our philosophy is our commitment to our models and the success they aspire to as “unique” individuals. We nurture, educate and support you on your journey in this fiercely competitive industry.




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